Scheme of Delegation


One of the key priorities of The Holy Spirit MAC is to raise outcomes for all pupils. To help enable this we have a transparent process that ensures staff at all levels are aware of their responsibility and accountability to maintain and further develop teaching and learning across the length and breadth of the curriculum.
Judgements made by the core committees and the board of directors are formed by various data sources; Ofsted; Section 48 RE Inspections; School Improvement Partner Visits; Link Director Visits; and School to School Visits. These all help the committees make informed decisions, and validate the current position of each of the schools within the MAC.



By Whom


Follow up Action (if necessary)


Regularly monitor the effectiveness of teaching and learning by systematically planning the following:

  • Lesson observations
  • Work scrutiny
  • Learning walks
  • Pupil interviews

Monitoring should be conducted by all members of staff with curriculum or wider responsibility, including:

  • SLT
  • Subject Leaders/SLEs
  • Phase Leaders
  • Heads of Department

Weekly (minimum)

Constructive, honest feedback

Further lesson observations

Further scrutiny

CPD / Training

Action Plans for areas of concern

Individual Support Programme

Capability Procedures

Ensure the school has a comprehensive programme of formative and summative assessment to routinely measure the progress of every child

Local Academy Committee


Class Teacher

Summative Assessment- at least half-termly

Formative Assessment- every lesson

Hold rigorous pupil progress meetings which hold teachers to account for the progress of every child in their class

SLT & Class Teacher (to be observed by a member of the LAC at least twice each year)

At least half-termly

Ensure a robust programme of Performance Management for all members of school staff, setting high expectations through the setting of aspirational targets

Make the expectation of the MAC clear that all teaching must be at least good and much should be outstanding

Schools should communicate clearly the professional lead for individual Performance Management. This could be:

  • Head of Department
  • Head of Year
  • SLT
  • Principals
  • By an external advisor, LAC Chair, Link Director and Chair of the MAC

All to be conducted annually with a mid-year review in the Spring Term

Targets set in the Autumn and reviewed in the Summer Term

Performance and targets monitored at the mid-year review

CPD / Training

Individual Support Programme

Regularly present performance data detailing the attainment and progress of all pupils to the LAC and to the Board of Directors




LAC to investigate any areas of concern and notify the Standards Committee

Action Plans to address areas of concern

Local Academy Committee

Regularly review pupil progress data and hold the school to account for any underperformance, ensuring the strategic priorities identified are consistent with outcomes for children

Chair of the LAC (may be delegated to other LAC members)

Half termly

Monitor the impact of any agreed actions ensure issues raised are followed up by the LAC

Communicate any concerns to the Standards Committee

Evaluate the outcomes of Performance Management in relation to pay recommendations

Pay Committee


Inform the Board that Performance Management of all staff has been completed and keep a record of all pay decisions

Ensure each member of staff is contacted in writing to inform them of pay decisions

Set the strategic priorities for the school with the SLT



Agree a programme of activity to evaluate progress towards the identified priorities

Carry out regular monitoring visits to the school to assess progress against the identified priorities


At least termly

Report back to the LAC on the outcome of any monitoring activity

Report to the Board of Directors on current standards, improvement priorities and evaluative monitoring activity

Chair of the LAC via the MAC notification form

Half termly following each LAC meeting

Use the notification form to notify the Board of any Standards related issues

Provide sufficient challenge and rigour to the school’s SLT to ensure information provided is robust



Keep a thorough record of the LAC holding the SLT to account via high quality minutes

Standards Committee

Request progress data from each Principal and LAC Chair and provide to sufficient challenge to ensure continual improvement

Principal and LAC


Further scrutiny, additional information requested

Action Plans

Ensure each Principal and Academy Committee provides a thorough presentation to the committee detailing the school’s current position supported by evidence

LAC Chair, Principal, SLT


Committee feedback to Principals on areas being monitored

Monitoring of T&L

Commission school improvement support for school’s identified as having a need. Ensure this support is regularly evaluated for impact

Full Committee


Principal Directors/ Accounting Officer

Half termly

Monitor the impact of any support provided to ensure any weaknesses are addressed rapidly

Commission the ongoing consultative expertise of a school improvement professional, ensuring their work is highly effective in sustaining ongoing school improvement 

Full Committee

Accounting Officer


Plan termly opportunities to receive feedback from the appointed consultant and use this information to inform future strategic school improvement decisions

Routinely evaluate all aspects of practice in schools through provision of highly effective monitoring activity

Chair of Standards Committee

Principal Directors

Ongoing via Principals Committee

Monitor the evaluative effectiveness of monitoring activities and use this information to triangulate with all other sources of evidence


Ensure regular reporting from the Standards Committee about the detailed work they have undertaken to monitor, evaluate and improve school performance

Chair of the Standards Committee


Instruct further scrutiny or inspection of T&L

Meeting with LAC and Principals

Review of Action Plans

Ensure the Principals Committee is effective in maintaining a self-improving school system

Chair of Standards Committee

Chair of Principals Committee

Accounting Officer


Request feedback from the Principals Committee at all Board meetings, ensuring this report highlights the effectiveness of the school improvement activity the committee has undertaken

Ensure a rigorous system is in place to measure the performance of each Principal  and that performance is directly linked to pay and appraisal

Chair of Directors

Link Director

Chair of LAC

Annually (with an interim review)

Where underperformance of a Principal has been identified, be swift to seek the advice of the MAC HR/ legal advisors

Set the strategic direction for all schools and maintain constant oversight of progress towards strategic priorities

Chair of Standards Committee

Chair of Directors

Accounting Officer


Continually monitor the effectiveness of the systems in place to measure performance and ensure communication between all those responsible for evaluating and improving performance is highly effective

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