The Holy Spirit Catholic Multi Academy

Welcome from the Senior Executive Principal

Sinead Smith - Senior Executive Principal 

In the Holy Spirit MAC we believe that education is about so much more than delivery of the basic curriculum. The Holy Spirit Experience reflects our belief that every child is entitled to a rounded education which allows them to participate in high quality learning opportunities and supports their development as a person.

We are particularly proud of the way in which we prepare pupils in the Holy Spirit MAC to be valued contributors to our local community and to wider society. All students and staff have the opportunity to get involved in our social action and charitable outreach and this is an aspect of our work that we are extremely proud of. Between March 2020 and July 2021 for instance, we delivered over 15,000 meals to families within and beyond the Holy Spirit MAC. Students prepared hundreds of winter night packs to support those living on the streets and many of our students volunteered at the local drop in centre at Our Lady of the Angels Church, which provides cooked meals for those in need. We are also very active supporters of the Foodbanks which are local to each of our schools, having donated over ten tonnes of food in the last two years.

Our charity and social action work is very important to us because it brings our Catholic faith to life. By living the mission of the Catholic Church in such a practical way, our students and staff, both Catholic and non-Catholic, are enabled to share the love of Jesus Christ within and beyond our school community. We pride ourselves on putting our faith into action and in doing so, we have an infectious culture which drives all staff and students to work together to do what is within their power to make the world a better, fairer and more just place for everyone.

We benefit from a highly skilled team of staff who work hard and who share an uncompromising desire to provide the best possible education for every child. We expect the very best from our staff and they consistently deliver. The quality of teaching across every school in the MAC is excellent but we are always striving to improve and to develop new and innovative ways to support pupils to fulfil their potential. We aspire for all our schools to be outstanding and we are never satisfied with anything that is less than our best.

The world beyond school is more challenging than ever for young people and so we know that we have to work all the harder to prepare them to take up their place as young adults when they leave us aged eighteen. From the moment a child joins the Holy Spirit MAC aged just three or four, we work to instil in them an understanding that they can achieve and they can make a positive difference in the world. As Senior Executive Principal of the Holy Spirit MAC, I am committed to ensuring that Catholic education in our small corner of North Warwickshire, improves the life chances of every child in each of our schools.