The Holy Spirit Catholic Multi Academy

Board membership

Founder members

Additional Information about Founder Members can be found below when clicking their photograph.

Founder Members (ID 1251)

  • Eric Kirwan
  • Canon. Jonathan Veasey
  • Peter Vella
  • Jacqui Francis
  • Chris Loughran


Foundation Directors

The Board of Directors meets regularly.  It consists of five Foundation Directors and one Co-opt Director who have been appointed by the Diocese.

You can use the links below to find out more about each Director.

  • Paul Glenn
    Foundation Director
  • Michael Green
    Foundation Director
  • Avril Staley
    Foundation Director - Vice Chair
  • Philip Richardson
    Foundation Director - Chair
  • Kevin Moran
    Foundation Director


Attendance at the Board Committee meetings can be found below:


The Board Core Committees



Committee Membership
Finance & Audit

Paul Glenn 

Michael Green (Vice Chair)

Sinead Smith

Julie Sewell (Presenting/Observing)

Phil Richardson (Chair)

Catholic Life

Paul Glenn (Chair)

Sinead Smith

Avril Staley

Michael Green (Vice Chair)
Standards & Strategy

Paul Glenn (Vice chair)

Kevin Moran

Sinead Smith

Avril Staley (Chair)

Pay Committee

Michael Green

Avril Staley (Vice Chair)

Phil Richardson (Chair)


Martin Jones & Jim Foley - Independent consultant

 Safeguarding Director – Paul Glenn