The Holy Spirit Catholic Multi Academy

Board membership

Founder members

Additional Information about Founder Members can be found below when clicking their photograph.

Founder Members (ID 1251)

  • Archbishop Bernard Longley
  • Jacqui Francis
  • Kari Gordon
  • Chris Loughran
  • Peter Vella,
  • Canon. Jonathan Veasey
  • Eric Kirwan

Foundation Directors

The Board of Directors meets regularly.  It consists of five Foundation Directors who have been appointed by the Diocese.

You can use the links below to find out more about each Director.

  • Paul Glenn
    Foundation Director
  • Michael Green
    Foundation Director
  • Peter Kingham
    Co-opted Board Director
  • Kevin Moran
    Foundation Director
  • Avril Staley
    Foundation Director - Vice Chair
  • Philip Richardson
    Foundation Director - Chair


Attendance at the Board Committee meetings can be found below:


The Board Core Committees



Committee Membership
Finance, Audit & Risk

Paul Glenn 

Michael Green (Vice Chair)

Sinead Smith

Julie Sewell (Presenting/Observing)

Phil Richardson

Catholic Life

Paul Glenn (Chair)

Sinead Smith

Avril Staley

Michael Green (Vice Chair)

Phil Richardson

Standards & Strategy

Paul Glenn (Vice-chair)

Peter Kingham

Kevin Moran

Sinead Smith

Avril Staley (Chair)

Pay Committee

Michael Green

Avril Staley (Vice Chair)

Phil Richardson (Chair)


Martin Jones & Jim Foley - Independent Consultant

 Safeguarding Director – Paul Glenn