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We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and we expect all staff to share this commitment

Avril Staley, Chair

ChairPhilip richardson

In March 2015, something amazing happened to Catholic education in North Warwickshire.  St Benedict’s Primary Catholic Primary Academy  in Atherstone and St Francis Primary Catholic Academy in Bedworth joined St Anne’s Primary Catholic Academy, Our Lady and St Joseph Primary Catholic Academy and St Thomas More Catholic School and Sixth Form Academy in Nuneaton. Together they formed the Holy Spirit Multi-Academy Company and so began an amazing journey.

One of the first things the MAC agreed was what became known as The Holy Spirit Experience which set out the education that every child and young person would receive from the age of three in the nursery to the age of eighteen in the sixth form. The Holy Spirit Experience described all the things beyond the national curriculum that make up a truly wonderful Catholic education for every single pupil irrespective of age or background.

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Sinead Smith, Senior Executive Principal

Senior Executive Principal Sinead Smith

In the Holy Spirit MAC we believe that education is about so much more than delivery of the basic curriculum. The Holy Spirit Experience reflects our belief that every child is entitled to a rounded education which allows them to participate in high quality learning opportunities and supports their development as a person.

We are particularly proud of the way in which we prepare pupils in the Holy Spirit MAC to be valued contributors to our local community and to wider society. All students and staff have the opportunity to get involved in our social action and charitable outreach and this is an aspect of our work that we are extremely proud of.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Academic excellence - providing outstanding teaching and learning, rigorous monitoring, a varied and adaptable curriculum with a variety of experiences for all the young people in our care.

We seek to continue the work that has been handed on to us by previous generations and to make Catholic Education a beacon of excellence, not just by catechesis and the delivery of a curriculum, but by the formation of disciples following Jesus in His way of Love.

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Our Aims To be One. To be Holy.
To be Catholic. To be Apostolic.

To be One. To be One that we work towards greater unity.

To be Holy. To be Holy that every aspect of our lives is dedicated to God.

To be Catholic. To be Catholic that in our religious life and in our closeness to Jesus, we work towards being more deeply Catholic.

To be Apostolic. To be Apostolic that in our citizenship and stewardship within schools, we work towards being centres of evangelisation, proclaiming JESUS IS LORD!

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Our Aims

‘with grace and humility,
glorify the Lord by your Life'